Every couple is truly unique, which means you need a wedding package that fits you and your needs!

That’s why I offer a wide variety of add-ons and options to choose from. If you have any questions about these services, please reach out here. 


process and prices


I will also continue to be available to answer any questions and offer any suggestions leading up to your wedding day.

Through these conversations, I’ll be able to grasp a better idea of your identity as a couple.

Leading up to your wedding we’ll get to chat (most often virtually but if we happen to be in the same place I’d love to chat in person) so that I can hear all about how you envision your day.

It’s capturing precious memories that you’ll be able to share with those you love (and even future kids, or grands!).

To me, a wedding film & Gallery are pieces of your love that you’ll be able to look back on forever. 

starting at $400

Engagement & Proposal shoots

starting at $2500

Elopement & Intimate Weddings

view the packages

starting at $200

1 hour sessions

Want photos with a fun twist? Say you want to add a ballgown, a sail boat? Or maybe let's do some fun night shooting. I'll help bring your creative vision to life!
starting at $400

Not-your-average photoshoot

In my opinion, video is one of the most powerful mediums. The ability that videos have to capture and evoke emotion is unique to the medium, and is a big reason why I picked up a camera. Pictures are great to look back on and remember those memories, but videos help others truly share in those memories and emotions in an immersive way.

04. Why should I invest in a videographer? 

So many things go into my pricing. Not only do I spend 9+ hours with you on your wedding day, but I also do around 5-10+ hours of pre & post production work on every wedding. On top of paying for my time, you’re also paying for my equipment and my experience. 

03. What determines your pricing? 

I feel my creativity really shines when I’m filming smaller weddings, and because of this I've decided to only take on intimate weddings and elopements. 

02. Do you shoot bigger weddings? 

An intimate wedding can mean many different things! Mostly, you’ll see it defined by the number of people attending. For my business, I consider any wedding with 30 or less people to be an intimate wedding. 

01. What’s considered an intimate wedding? 

Frequently Asked Questions

05. What is Super 8mm?  

I get this question ALL the time, and I love answering it!! Super 8mm camera's are film cameras that capture video. If you've ever seen a video with the fun black border and film burns, that's a super 8. I purchased my first super 8 a little over a year ago and I am obsessed! It's something I now add to all wedding videos (free of charge)

06. Do you have experience traveling?

Short answer is yes, I do! Long answer is I was fortunate enough to travel a TON growing up. I've seen so much of the world and am dying to see even more! I've also had plenty of experience traveling with all my camera gear and know how to navigate TSA and Customs like a champ haha.

07. Do you shoot things other than weddings and couples?

I sure do! While I love my couples I also love capturing memories for all stages of life. Whether that be senior pictures, graduation pictures, branding shoots, mommy and me's, family photos and so much more! 

08. What does a typical 'Not-Your-Average- Photoshoot' look like?

Let me tell you all about it!! A 'Not-Your-Average' shoot starts off with you telling me your creative vision (if you have one, if not I am more than willing to take the creative reins and give you some inspo). From there we draw up mood boards, I take care of any necessary rentals like dresses, props, vehicles, etc. Then we make some photo magic! 






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